Joke Category Creator Rating
What was the dogs favorite type of homework to do? Funny
Dog Work
by srich
(6 votes)
What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? Funny
Bar Work
by rtrejo
(5 votes)
How do fish end their work emails? Uncategorized
Animal Work
by mbyrd
(10 votes)
How long do chickens work? Funny
Animal Work
by knewman
(4 votes)
Why did the butcher work extra hours at the shop? Funny
Food Work
by kherrera
(7 votes)
Why does Santa have elves in his workshop? Funny
Christmas Work
by jnorton
(8 votes)
Did you hear I lost my job at the bank? Funny
by jgould
(4 votes)
How does a snowman get to work? Funny
Christmas Work
by iramirez
(6 votes)
What’s the technical name for a pot of coffee at work? Funny
Coffee Technical Work
by gellis
(3 votes)
Did you hear Larry got fired from the calendar factory? Funny
by askinner
(6 votes)